About Me

-I grew up in Columbia, MO, but was born in Lexington, KY, the “Horse Capital of the World.”

-I know nothing about horses.

-Before becoming a communications major, I was majoring in 2D Studio Art.

-Tom Kenny once told me I was funny.

-I performed in theater in high school, playing such notable roles as Officer #1 in Twelfth Night and Broom in Beauty & the Beast.

-I’ve never had a brain freeze. Instead I get chest freezes. Larry David understands my pain.

-I made a song and put it on Youtube. Years later I got a message from a funeral service company asking for permission to play it at a funeral. So if all other career opportunities fail, I can always fall back on “funeral singer.”

-I made an art piece and got it signed by Stan Lee at Los Angeles Comic Con 2017. His people were so impressed with it that they approached me afterwards and asked if I’d like to have my art sold in their official store. Of course I said yes, and gave them my contact information. Did they ever call me back? No. But it would have been cool if they did.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

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