Internship: Tether

During the early months of 2019, I interned at Tether, an advertising and branding agency in Seattle. Having the opportunity to live in Seattle and work for this company was such an incredible experience, and I feel very fortunate I had that opportunity. As soon as I arrived, there was no time to waste.

In the first week, I was put on a team to organize a presentation for a company that I can’t name for now that currently owns all of Toys R Us’ leftover assets. This company was hoping to relaunch some new version of Toys R Us with a fresh take and perspective. My job was to take what the copywriter of the group made and put it into a Keynote presentation. Since the idea for this new store was to have interactive stations for children to play with products, I wanted to make the deck into a choose-your-own-adventure story, providing options for how the store could be structured, and then letting the viewer see the results. I also made all the Illustrator designs for the store layout. By the end of the week, our deck was assembled and sent off.

While working as a Design Intern, I also joined the Tether Social team. It was a team consisting of three other individuals in charge of creating content for Tether’s social media platforms, and occasionally creating content for some of Tether’s clients. It was great bouncing ideas around with the team. That second week, the Grammys were coming up, so I had the idea to capitalize on the Grammy buzz while emphasizing Tether’s hometown pride of Seattle. I made this graphic, highlighting the history of Seattle musicians’ Grammy nominations and wins. It divides into ten segments, and as a single post on Instagram, you can scroll through all ten squares as a single, panoramic image. Unfortunately, everyone else on the social media team was involved with a major pitch, and social media work was put on the backburner. Without the rest of the team to approve it, the graphic fell to the wayside, but I’m still very proud of it.

In addition, I also designed these Instagram stories looking for new hires.

One of the major projects during my internship was designing Christmas boxes for Ross Stores. My specific job revolved around designing hangtags, boxes for table runners, and header cards for lightbulbs. I would make the designs, then show them to the head of the Ross project for feedback. Afterwards, he’d take it to his contact at Ross, who would give feedback, which he’d give to me, and the process would start all over again. Unfortunately, I can’t show them right until after they’ve been released for Christmas.

For International Women’s Day, the social media team had the whole agency participate in our Instagram story. People would submit a brief summary telling us who their favorite creative women and industry professionals, which we then turned into Instagram stories. In the weeks leading up to this, a designer created the initial design, and my job was to find the photos, insert them into the design template, and then make some minor edits to the templates for variety.

Throughout all this time, I was making social media content for Chief Creative Officer, my uncle Stanley Hainsworth. I had free reign to make whatever I wanted, and these are a few of the results.

Along with that content, I was also helping Stan put together a major presentation that he was going to deliver in Portugal the week after my internship ended. He’d give me an idea of what he was looking for, and then it was up to me on how to best execute it. Here are just a few of the slides and gifs that I created.

This internship was my first time working a full-time job at an ad agency, and it’s an experience that I will always remember. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and the kindness and support from the Tether family. This has been a great step for me on my way toward my future goals.

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